007 Super Bond Adhesive 5ml

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Gotlash Super Bond Adhesive
Gotlash Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Is it time to try a new glue? Lash artists from all over are switching to our 007 Super Bond. An adhesive with 8 weeks of flexible retention and dry time of 1 - 2 second. You can always expect quality from every bottle. Not only it is great for beginners and veteran lashers alike but our 007 has a beautiful and natural looking flexible bond that contours the lashes and coats them evenly. With the right viscosity and instant fast curing, once you try it, you and your clients will be hooked on the BOND. Medium viscosity, medical grade, & formaldehyde free.
Always shake adhesive vigorously for 30-60 seconds before use. 
Keep adhesive cap tightly shut and out of the sun, in a cool and dark place. This adhesive can be kept in the refrigerator before opening. Always put cap immediately back on tightly.
Temperature & humidity: 
The ideal temperature range is from 10-20 degrees Celsius. This adhesive works in a wide range of humidity from 40-70%.

Gotlash Super Bond Adhesive
Gotlash Eyelash Extension Adhesive